Imagine a church…
 …where everyone is welcome, grace flows freely and is known by love.
…full of imperfect people who assemble for no other reason than to worship & serve a perfect God.
...that isn’t something people do just on Sundays but a living community, woven into our everyday lives.
…that is committed to sharing Jesus by showing Jesus by giving generously to those in need.
…made up of ordinary people who through the Holy Spirit accomplish extraordinary acts for God’s glory.
…where you can become all God has designed you to be no mater your past.
…that doesn’t just hear about it but experiences lives being radically transformed by the power of God.

…where the dress code is… Do You! A place that you see those in church hats mingling

in genuine fellowship with those in snapbacks.
…that values diversity and pursues unity, not uniformity.
… a church where we live, love, laugh, hang out & have fun in Jesus, together.
 Imagine. Just Imagine!
This is the kind of church we would want to attend, therefore this is
the kind of church we are committed to building & leading and we won’t stop until we see it. Will you help us in building this kind of church?
With your help, we can do it… together!
Pastor J. & Lady Danika
At Mount Calvary Church we truly believe that church is not a place you go rather it’s who you are.
If what you’ve just read excites you and you’re ready to become a part of something amazing,
consider joining us on this journey. If you’re ready to become a part of our
community and join in fellowship at The Mount