Family Movie Outing
Saturday, October 10th 2020 @ Showcase Cinemas Randolph
73 Mazzeo Drive, Randolph, Massachusetts
What movie are we seeing and what is it rated?
We are watching I still believe. It is a Christian-based movie and is rated PG.
Can I bring someone with me?
This is a MEMBERS ONLY event! You cannot bring family or friends with you who are not members and do not attend Calvary even if you offer to pay for them.
What time does the movie start and what time should I arrive at the theatre?
The doors of the auditorium will open @ 1:30 pm and the movie will start promptly @ 2 pm. The running time of the film is 1 hour 57 minutes, so expect to leave the theatre right around 4 pm.
Is food, drink & snacks included?
No. The church is solely paying for the rental of the theatre and your ticket only. Any food, beverage and snack purchases will be your individual responsibility.
I want to go, what should I do to reserve my ticket?
To register yourself or family, click on the tickets picture below and complete the form to reserve your ticket(s).
If you have any further questions or need any more info, please contact
Pastor J. @ (617) 925-5718 or via e-mail at: