Are you ready to be a part of something

life changing & life giving?


If so, there are 3 ways that you can partner with Mount Calvary Church

to assist us in fulfilling our mission of making Jesus famous

& helping people live life, better.


   We desire all to experience new life in Christ because we recognize He is the best gift we’ve ever received. Therefore, we’re committed to making Jesus famous by sharing Him with everyone we encounter by inviting those in our lives and the world around us to experience the life changing message of Jesus so they too can experience life, abundantly & everlasting.


   We believe every individual is uniquely gifted with God-given talents and skills that are to be used for serving God by serving others. To assist in identifying & cultivating those abilities, we provide an array of opportunities for you to use your talent to serve God by volunteering through this local church. We don’t believe in just coming to service but being of service.

   Here at The Mount we do not collect offerings rather we offer opportunities to make investments into the Kingdom of God. Knowing the return on those investments are: souls being saved, lives being transformed and our city being impacted compel us to be consistent & extravagant givers not just to continue this work but expand it for His glory.
If you’re ready, join us this Sunday @ 9:30 am!
Mount Calvary Church, 297 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester, MA